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Supporting Services

Supporting Services

They include all the following services:

Residential Complexes Management

Room Services
This includes all that is related to the rooms of the client’s staff; such as cleaning, organizing, and perfuming the rooms.

This includes ironing and folding clothes, and that is through a prior agreement between the parties to determine the number of pieces to be washed, ironed, and prepared for each person.

This includes doing all the periodic maintenance works and repairing all the malfunctions, whether in the hardware, pipes or others.

Some sites require the presence of a staff to carry out the security detail works, or the presence of surveillance devices, such as cameras or night sensors.

First Aid
This includes preparing the site with a clinic and a pharmacy suitable for the required site, and that is for emergency situations.

Waste Disposal
This includes the disposal of daily waste from the used materials, and it also includes the disposal of toilet waste.

Insect and Pest Control
Like scorpions and snakes or termites, etc.

This is by holding private parties or various tournaments for physical games, or preparing a special night for serving different meals than usual or a night to watch the games on the big screen.

Logistics and Transportation
This includes the transportation of the staff or the client’s stuff.

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