The Central Kitchen in Riyadh

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The Central Kitchen in Riyadh


We are in Al-Mays Company for Catering and support services in Riyadh since 2012. We are proud of our extended history and are considered one of the first food catering services companies in Saudi Arabia, as we provide catering services in Riyadh and support services to a large number of hospitals in Riyadh, institutions, and a number of government sectors, and others especially.

This is in accordance with agreements concluded about catering and subsistence services for these entities. We were able to gain the trust of these entities and companies, as we are one of the best catering companies in Riyadh.

    • The kitchen Space is 1500 m2.
    • Production Capacity is 15,000 meals per day.
    • Daily Beneficiaries : ( 5000 beneficiaries ).


Catering Services in Riyadh Project Description.

Almays Central Kitchen is the new subsistence idea to serve the factories and companies within the industrial cities. It was designed with regard to the client’s requirements in the industrial city while exempting him from the daily burdens concerning the subsistence of his workers, such as time management, preparation, and cooking of food while ensuring food safety and safety of the workers themselves.
Almays Central Kitchen is custom-designed to prepare fresh meals and deliver them in a timely manner to the workers’ workplace, either canned in hot food preservers or served in the dining halls through our serving staff.
Meals are prepared to be healthy, balanced, and saturating for the worker, who works throughout the day.
Meals are prepared by specialized chefs of the same nationalities of the labor benefiting from the services; in an effort to please the beneficiaries to enjoy the native cuisine of their same nationality and ethnicity.
Our supported nationalities: Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Filipino, and multiple Arab nationalities.

Services of Catering in Riyadh 

Subsistence contracts for factories and companies located in industrial cities.
Fresh daily meals are prepared in our central kitchen to meet the tastes of the different nationalities.
Full delivery fleet ready to deliver fresh meals to factories and residential complexes in the First and Second Industrial Cities in Jeddah.
A dedicated team of food providers is ready to be deployed to the client’s location to provide meals to the beneficiaries by the means of a cafeteria.
For further information, please contact us or send a request for information; in order to communicate with you and reach the best way to serve you.



The Central Kitchen in Riyadh

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