The best catering Services company in Makkah

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The best catering Services company in Makkah

The best catering and subsistence company in Jeddah

The central kitchen of Al Mays company is specially designed to provide food catering, subsistence services, prepare fresh meals and deliver them in a timely manner to the workplace. We aim to meet the needs of different workers and ensure that healthy and balanced meals are provided that meet their nutritional needs and maintain their activity and strength during the work period.


  • Timely delivery of meals: We ensure that meals are delivered on time to the job sites, whether they are packed in hot food containers or served in the food courts.
  • Variety of diets: We offer a variety of meals that are carefully prepared to be healthily balanced and satisfying, ensuring the satisfaction of workers and helping them maintain their health and activity.
  • Meal preparation by specialized chefs: Meals are prepared by specialized chefs from the same nationalities as the beneficiary workers, to ensure that meals are provided that meet their expectations and provide them with an authentic and familiar dining experience.

Menu variety:

Mays Central Kitchen supports multiple nationalities, including Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, Filipino, and other Arab nationalities. We pride ourselves on offering a personalized dining experience for each nationality, helping to satisfy beneficiaries and boost the popularity of our services.

Excellence in Services:

  • Providing balanced and nutritious meals: Al Mays Kitchen ensures balanced and nutritious diets, which contributes to maintaining the health and activity of its beneficiaries.
  • Menu Diversity: Al Mays Kitchen offers a variety of Arabic and international meals, catering to different customer preferences and needs.
  • Commitment to hygiene and safety standards: Al Mays Kitchen pays great attention to hygiene and food safety, ensuring that meals are served with high standards of quality and hygiene.

Al Mays Central Kitchen always strives to provide the best food catering and subsistence services for workers in Makkah, with a focus on quality, diversity and customer satisfaction. We are ready to meet the needs of companies and institutions efficiently and professionally, making us the perfect choice for those looking for reliable and distinguished catering services in Makkah.


The best catering Services company in Makkah

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